Are your scanners ready for today’s new reality?

Companies are changing their operations on the fly to ensure their warehouses keep up with customer demand while prioritizing health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many offices and businesses are closed, most of my clients are running in overdrive with warehouse workers working hard to keep up with demand for equipment, food, cleaning supplies, and other items. Now more than ever, my customers need reliable equipment so their supply chain can meet the changing demands of today. I work with the best manufacturers to offer the latest scanning technology.

Zebra Technologies is one of my suppliers and they offer devices prepared for today’s new reality –scanners that help you stay ahead thanks to innovations in both hardware and software.

When evaluating scanning equipment here are few things you should consider to ensure the equipment you are buying today can help you meet whatever may come next:

  • PROTECT YOUR WORKERS: Can your scanning equipment hold up to constant sanitization? Do you have devices that are accurate, customizable and capture even the most challenging barcodes the first time?

  • ALL DAY DEVICES: Avoid sharing devices ensuring your devices are cordless and have batteries that last all shift long!

  • MANAGE DEVICES REMOTELY: Configure devices spread across sites from one central location.

  • ULTA-RUGGED DESIGN: Get unstoppable performance with a dust, water and drop-resistant design.

  • CUT COSTS: Lower your expenses with longer-lasting batteries and device durability.


Take a look at this short video featuring some of the new zebra scanning equipment. Contact me for a complimentary conversation to see if you may need to upgrade your equipment to keep up with the unique demand of today!


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