Business Mobility
Mobile technology can provide a business with greater: productivity, accountability, accuracy, cost savings and real time information. In order to deliver these benefits to your business, a mobile solution needs to address your specific business requirements.
Riedman Workflow Design has experience in designing and implementing mobile solutions for clients. A mobile solution is comprised of an understanding of the workflow and business processes along with the hardware, software, networks, professional services and support.
Riedman ensures that these components are integrated properly to deliver a dependable business solution that delivers not only a high return on investment but better user and customer satisfaction.
Mobilizing your business applications, allowing employees to gather, enter and share data at the point of work increases efficiency and productivity therefore making your business more profitable and competitive. One way to look at this is the automation of the traditional clipboard and paper to gather data, which ultimately is input into a system for report generation. Having the data entered directly into the system ensures more uniform data gathering and eliminates re-keying data and input errors.

With real time data being available management can reallocate resource as needed, which results in better worker utilization and lower production costs. End users may also benefit from having access to information and data as it is needed and may also be able to combine multiple devices into one (office phone, PDA, cell phone, pager, etc.).

Before exporting to other nations, The product owner meets with the foreman and warehouse personnel

Mobility Inside and Out

Mobility is a hot business topic today. We help businesses of all types determine which moblility solutions are right for you.  

If you are a manufacturer or distributor – factors such as weight, handling, keyboard style, durability, wireless connectivity (LAN, Bluetooth, or Cellular), screen size, and will  impact the success of your mobility implementation project.  Riedman Workflow can recommend a solution (hardware & software) that takes these factors and user input into consideration to ensure a good fit for your needs.

Businesses requiring connectivity outside a company’s location, must consider other factors, such as moisture, temperature variations, screen glare, drop specifications, cellular and GPS connectivity, when making an equipment selection.


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