Can Android Warehouse Handheld Computers Meet Your Corporate Security Standards?

If you’re considering an investment in Android mobile computers, you might wonder how secure your devices will be and whether they will meet your corporate standards. However, you don’t have to worry about uncertainty.

If you’re using devices from the right manufacturer and following best practices for security, your Android devices are incredibly secure, and here’s why.

There have been headlines over the years about potentially major vulnerabilities in Android mobile devices, but none of these vulnerabilities has truly materialized. Despite initial claims that nearly 1 billion Android devices and up to 99% of all devices could be affected by three major vulnerabilities reported in the past several years, the peak exploitation rates for these vulnerabilities were extremely low.

The peak rate was fewer than 8 incidents per 1 million devices for the first major reported vulnerability, and less than 1 per 1 million devices for the next. In the case of the third vulnerability, there has never been a confirmed exploitation.

This is due to Google’s intense commitment to strong security, which has made it increasingly difficult for Android devices to potentially be compromised. In your warehouse, the difficulty is even greater, and the risks are even lower.

With most vulnerabilities, a user would need to install a potentially harmful application (PHA) in order to exploit it and compromise your devices. However, in most enterprise environments, workers use corporate-owned single-use devices (COSUs). This means the devices are locked down by the company, and users can only install and use applications authorized by your IT staff or your third-party IT services provider.

Unless your IT staff or third-party provider happens to install a PHA, there is virtually no risk of a vulnerability affecting your devices. Users simply don’t have the freedom to install potentially harmful applications and introduce this risk.

As long as you lock down your devices and follow best practices for device security, such as applying regular security updates, your Android hardware will be extremely secure.

Google also regularly releases security updates every 30 days, which you can obtain and install from your device manufacturer, and Google works proactively to monitor applications installed on Android devices and notify developers if an application is open to a security vulnerability. This allows developers to immediately issue updates and keep their applications secure.

Android also offers complete platform security, including tools and services to isolate applications and processes, encrypt data and protect device integrity, mitigate exploits, and manage administrative APIs and security integration.

In addition, Google’s SafetyNet offers an array of services and APIs to secure applications and devices, including app verification, safe browsing, a Smart Lock feature to lock devices when they’re not with the user, and Google’s massive-scale analysis of Android code to detect and mitigate exploits.

Google scans devices and code every day to identify potential exploits. In all, Google protects 1.4 billion total devices, performs 790 million device scans per day, and checks 6 billion apps per day.

ond Android itself, however, your device provider and manufacturer can also take your security a step further, as our partners at Zebra have done. With LifeGuard™ for Android™, Zebra extends the Android device security life cycle, adding years of security support to keep your devices up to date with the latest enterprise security standards, even if you use them for 5 or more years.

As part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA portfolio of enterprise software, LifeGuard comes as a standard feature on select Zebra mobile computers.

To learn more about Android device security and Zebra solutions for your warehouse, contact our warehousing mobility experts at Riedman Workflow Design. We’d be happy to help.

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