How to Optimize your Warehouse Handheld Batteries

Confused about how to extend the life of your batteries? Not sure if you should leave the devices plugged into the charger or let them fully discharge before charging?

Most devices with Lithium batteries work with charging cycles of usually 300 to 400 full cycles per battery.

A charging cycle is either a full discharge followed by a full charge or a partial cycle which is a partial discharge followed by a charge of the same amount. Partial cycles can be added together to count as one full cycle. For example two 50% partials equal one full cycle.

Here are some recommendations to ensure optimal battery maintenance.

  • Store batteries at below room temperature (not below freezing) and less than 100% initial charge.

  • Do not fully charge or fully discharge.

  • Do not trickle charge.

  • Use a remote management tool to monitor battery health.

The bottom line is to ensure your users have the use of devices that keep working through an entire shift and to save downtime in switching out batteries.

Riedman Workflow Design partners with a number great sources for replacement batteries and suggestions for remote management tools to monitor battery health. Contact me if you may need to order replacements so you don’t suffer any downtime!

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