Inventory Tracking Solutions

Bar coding and RFID technologies combined with an inventory tracking solution can help.  Riedman can provide you a solution without the need to replace your existing financial or ERP systems. This solution includes all the software, equipment, and training you will need.

The solution extends your financial or ERP systems to the warehouse or plant floor eliminating days of delay in the input of transactions and reducing data input errors through scanning technology

Riedman uses Portable Technology Solutions’ Tracer Plus Mobile software to deliver customized tracking software solutions based on your unique requirements while at a price less expensive than off the shelf industry and financial specific solutions.

woman in storage room working at office inventory checking available stock in laptop computer

Simplify, save time, and improve accuracy

The use of a mobile computer with a scanner, an asset tracking application and bar code and or RFID tags can greatly simplify the inventory process and take only a small fraction of the time with more accuracy.

Riedman Workflow Design has worked with clients to implement inventory tracking solutions across a variety of industries.

Warehouses, distributors, and manufacturers have all benefited from Riedman Workflow Design helping determine the right solution, conduct the installation and provide proper training to ensure success.

We can determine the right interface so data can be transferred directly into your accounting or ERP systems such QuickBooks, Epicore, Oracle, Great Plains, EPMS, SAP, or many more.

Please  contact us for more information or a complimentary consultation concerns your needs.

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