Is Your Warehouse Voice-Ready? How to Maximize Your Productivity with Multi-Modal Tech

To maximize your warehouse productivity and efficiency, you need to consider switching to multi-modal mobile technologies. By 2020, nearly 60% of warehouses will be using multi-modal solutions for barcode scanning, RFID, and mobile computing.

This is because of the tremendous business case for a multi-modal approach. Combining multiple mobile and wireless technologies helps your workers perform tasks more efficiently and accurately, and the devices they use might include a mobile or wearable computer, a wireless ring scanner, and a headset.

To measure the effects of a multi-modal approach, our partners at Zebra Technologies conducted a series of warehousing tests using a similar configuration and found that pickers were able to pick 16.7% faster, reduce order processing time by 15.4%, and make 38.5% fewer errors.

By using a multi-modal approach and putting an array of functions at your workers’ fingertips, you can achieve remarkable improvements in all areas of your warehouse. You’ll also save tremendous time and cost because a single solution makes it faster and easier to train your workers while simplifying app development and back-end integration.

Adding Voice-Directed Workflows to Your Multi-Modal Solution

An important component of an ideal multi-modal solution is a voice-directed workflow. Speech-directed solutions provide more ways for your workers to collect and access information by hearing and responding to voice prompts. These prompts help them quickly find information on their mobile computers, scan barcodes, capture RFID tags, take pictures, and more.

 incorporating voice direction, you can also create applications that streamline virtually every warehouse process—from receiving to picking and shipping. Your workers can even choose their preferred mode to maximize their own efficiency. For example, some workers might prefer to hear instructions, while others might prefer to see them on the display, and some might choose to use both.

Using Zebra’s TekSpeech to Create Voice-Directed Workflows

At Riedman Workflow Design, we design multi-modal warehouse mobility solutions for clients, using TekSpeech Pro 4 from Zebra. TekSpeech Pro 4 delivers all of the benefits of voice-directed workflows while providing an integrated development environment (IDE) called WorkFlow Builder. This IDE makes it easy to create custom workflows and maximize your productivity and efficiency with Zebra’s mobile computers.

TekSpeech also includes an advanced voice recognition engine that delivers outstanding accuracy, flexibility, and control of speech functionality. Your prompts and responses are delivered in near real-time, with no training required.

It’s also 100% speaker independent. Users can speak naturally, regardless of accent or speed of speech, and the high-quality voice synthesizer provides natural-sounding human-style male and female voices.

TekSpeech also allows you to incorporate multiple languages within a single prompt, such as having your workflow in one language while a product or item name might be in another.

In addition, Zebra’s Speech Process Analyzer (SPA) captures time and event information from your multi-modal speech-directed processes, giving you visibility into which commands are used, their frequency, and the time it takes to complete specific tasks. This data provides a great way to continuously improve your workflows and compare productivity between different shifts and locations, as well as identify workers who could benefit from additional training.

Our team can help you install and configure a complete multi-modal speech-directed warehouse mobility solution featuring Zebra handheld and wearable computers as well as connected hands-free ring scanners and headsets.

Zebra provides total flexibility to choose the right technologies for your needs, including the revolutionary TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer, which allows warehouse workers to achieve 14% greater productivity.

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